Mission statement

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A Learning Community

Learning is a collective affair. We have a socio-cultural understanding of learning and believe that learning is best achieved through interaction between people and through cooperation and collaboration where the participants have a common responsibility for and commitment to the learning outcome. This understanding is founded upon our values of loyalty, respect and cooperation. In our pedagogical routines this means that:
·         All members of the school community share the responsibility of realizing our platform of values and contributing to a warm and including learning environment where the students’ knowledge, creativity and cooperation have a predominant position. We believe in realizing student potential through systematic work and positive relations.
·         The role as a teacher and classroom leader is characterized by collective thinking, professionalism, dynamism, diversity and cooperation in order to increase the learning outcome of oneself and others. Through our focus on learning through cooperation we also strive to develop clear and efficient classroom leadership that enforces the choice of learning goals, methods and routines. This understanding forms the basis of our student guidance policy and must be reached through a committing community.
·         Our teachers pursue a common policy of evaluation and the students are involved in the process of en route evaluation and the choice of situations that will be evaluated. When we plan lectures we keep in mind that evaluation should be a means to the main goal: learning.
·         A learning organization shares experience and knowledge in the fields of evaluation, pedagogical methods and school administration in order for everyone to feel competent. Lectures are planned with the evaluation criteria in mind.
·         Digital media will form a part of the learning process when desirable. For this reason we need to develop the digital competence of our personnel.
·         Learning for the future requires international engagement and understanding. Our school is committed to give our students the opportunity to take part in international projects to develop skills in cooperation across cultural and linguistic barriers, and understanding and respect for other cultures.
·         Our values of security, loyalty, respect and cooperation require all members of the school community to respect the laws and regulations as well as take part in the process of forming laws and regulations.
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